Department Head Message

Department Head Message The Department of Surgical Internal Nursing is considered the backbone and backbone of the nursing specialties in the college. The department includes about 45 faculty members, teaching assistants, and specialists. Modern concepts of nursing and clinical scientific skills to prepare a distinguished student who has the motivation towards continuous learning and is qualified to provide comprehensive nursing care for various specialties of internal surgical nursing for patients and healthy adults in different hospitals and health centers and to provide multiple and growing educational experiences in various nursing specialties through postgraduate programs in line with the requirements of The labor market while conducting advanced scientific research in addition to providing technical and training consultations to various community institutions at the local level to ensure sustainable development in Saudi society.   Head of the Department of Surgical Internal Nursing Dr.. Abdul Rahman bin Saeed Al Shehri


About the department

The Medical-Surgical Nursing Department is one of the four departments contributing to undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Nursing. The department's vision is based on the fact that nursing is the art, science, and discipline of caring for people through the promotion and rehabilitation of health and its integrity throughout the stages of life, and it’s consistent with the mission and vision of the college.
The department is committed to providing a safe and high-quality learning environment by teaching courses that help students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to deliver a safe, competent, and person-centered care for adults with acute and chronic health conditions in various healthcare settings, including medical-surgical, critical, and emergency care. 
The department faculty members have a variety of teaching experiences and research interests, including cardio, respiratory, cancer, geriatric, involvement in family care, health behavior, patient and nurse education, quality in healthcare, and other areas.
The department currently includes (45) faculty members, and (2) female specialists 
Faculty members consists of (1) professor, (3) associate professor, (13) assistant professor, (9) lecturers, (20) teaching assistants, and (2) female specialists.