Department Head Message

The Department of Maternal and Child Nursing is one of the four specialized academic departments in the College of Nursing. Students of the department are trained on various skills of critical thinking, research method, problem solving method through interactive teaching in theoretical lectures and clinical training, as well as health education for children, women and families. The department provides male and female students with courses related to women’s and children’s health in the bachelor’s degree and in the master’s degree for female students in three specializations, including maternity care, pediatric nursing, midwifery, and for students in pediatric nursing. The department is considered one of the distinguished academic departments in the College of Nursing in the field of research, education and community service, and we seek, in turn, to achieve the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the College of Nursing and the University alike.   Head of Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department Dr.. Muhammad Khadran Al-Harbi


About the department

The Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department is one of the four departments in the College of Nursing at King Saud University, which was established in 1425/1424 AH. The vision and mission of the department are derived from those of the College of Nursing. Since the nursing profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is based on a rich history and since women and children represent the majority of the population, the Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department is keen to provide the health sector with the required nursing specializations in
Maternal nursing, pediatric nursing and midwifery. Therefore, the department participate in teaching Maternity and pediatric courses for bachelor's degree to prepare the student to work
as a nurse specialist. In addition, the department provides the Bachelor graduates with the opportunity for continuous educational development by offering three major Master degrees "Maternity Nursing, Midwifery and Pediatric Nursing" to prepare the nurse and midwife to fulfill their roles in education and administration and clinical practice within the health care system.
Moreover, the department carefully selects training locations for the department’s various courses and according to the educational objectives of the curricula, which include gynecology, obstetrics, outpatient clinics, and pediatric, intensive care and emergency.
Over the past years, the faculty members of the department have published a great number of research in the fields of general nursing, and in the field of maternity, midwifery and pediatrics in particular. The department's faculties participated in providing advisory services to the King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consultation, reviewing a wide range of diplomas, bachelor and masters programs in nursing for various institutions and colleges in the Kingdom, and participating in the development of questions for the Saudi Nursing License Exam. Also, The faculty members and students of the department work on presenting and giving lectures to raise community awareness in the field of maternal and child health.