Message of the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Message of the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Education and health sector officials view the nursing profession as an essential career path to choose in today’s society. Their main focus is to develop the profession and implement evidence-based practice in nursing, with support from higher education and vocational training in academic organizations and health institutions. During the past, the nursing profession has been involved in major changes related to the professional development process aimed at enhancing nursing program outcomes. One of the important changes is that all “Colleges of Health Sciences” was transferred to the Ministry of Higher Education. Thus, Saudi universities have a major responsibility in improving the quality of nursing education and graduate nurses. Although these changes have been marked as a turning point for the nursing profession, teamwork and collaboration between all members of the nursing profession are imperative at this critical stage. The College of Nursing plays a key role in developing the profession as it is one of the health colleges of King Saud University. The college has currently developed strategic plans, which contribute to education, research, and community services. The proposed changes provide an academic status as well as the roles expected of the college at this critical stage. King Saud University calls for academic freedom, which contributes to enhance education in general and improve program outcomes in specific disciplines. Nursing is a profession that begins with teaching students the theoretical and clinical knowledge in universities, which are essential for providing safe and high-quality patient care in hospitals and other healthcare settings.



The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs (VDAA) assists the college in achieving the goals of the nursing programs, and is concerned with all matters related to academic affairs. The VDAA creates a professional work environment, which enhances culture of teamwork. It also supports creativity, innovations, and initiatives that will improve the performance of the college. The VDAA focuses on attaining a full national accreditation upon fulfilment of academic standards, specifically those related to learning and teaching. Obtaining a national accreditation award is the primary goal of the College of Nursing. The VDAA works in coordination with the heads of departments and college committees to achieve this goal. Curriculum development in nursing education is currently one of the VDAA’s priorities. Achieving excellence in learning and teaching and improving academic advising enable students to receive education based on the International Standard Classification of Education.  With great effort, the VDAA focuses on achieving the ultimate goals of King Saud University. These goals are aimed at promoting lifelong learning opportunities for the society, with unprecedented support from his excellency, the university president, and in accordance with the directions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Allah bless him, in the development of education.