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Head of Quality Unit speech

The College of Nursing works continuously and relentlessly to assure Quality Standards in the Academic Education in the College. As a result, the College established the Quality Unit that performs the functions of organizing and following-up on Quality issues to help College in accomplishing its Mission with excellence locally and internationally. The role for the Quality and Development Unit is to facilitate the Quality Assurance process and the transition of good practices in order to enable staff in implementing them in their work.  

    The Quality Unit forecasts the challenge that College is facing in order to make a noticeable improvement in the College’s programs taking into consideration the Goals of the strategic plan that was planned till year 2016. 

      The Unit works for the benefit of all staff in the College recognizing that the unit is a tool for finding out new approaches to help in making College’s program of high Quality and Efficiency and accredited academically. The Unit looks forward to disseminate information regarding the best academic practices to reinforce a positive educational climate in order to help in achieving College’s Mission by graduating competent students capable of practicing Nursing in various setting.   

Ahmad M. Al-issa     

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Head of Quality Unit speech